12 Steps to Writing a Sales Letter

Sales letter is an important consideration for business. We provide you the 12 steps to writing a sales letter that ensures you reach out to your potential customers or business clients in a positive way.

12 Steps to Writing a Sales Letter

1. Get Attention

As the heading in your letter is the first sentence seen by the readers, you should make sure that it sounds exciting and conveys what useful information they will find in the letter.

2. Identify the Problem

You should understand the requirements of the customer. Present the problems that they face and make them realize about their situation. This is known as “problem-agitate” technique. You state the problem first and then start agitating it, so that the readers feel the troubles faced in such a situation.

3. Specify the Solution

After presenting the problem, it’s time to mention the solution. In this section, you can introduce about your business and your product or service. Specify how the problem can be solved with your product or service.

4. Include your Credentials

You can specify credentials such as former business clients, prestigious organizations you were associated with, the years of your service, any significant awards or recognitions.

5. Show the Benefits

You should not just specify the product or service you are selling, but what personal benefits it is going to provide for the users. Highlight the features and benefits clearly.

6. Give Proof

Readers begin to doubt about all the benefits specified. To make it more believable, you should provide testimonials from your satisfied customers as a proof.

7. Make Your Offer

Your offer should have a positive impact on the customers. You may include free gifts, discounts or special offers that attract the customers into purchasing them immediately.

8. Provide a Guarantee

To make the offer irresistible, you should provide a strong guarantee about your product or service. People don’t want to take any chances as they fear being ripped off their valuable money. If you are confident about your product or service, you need to provide an absolute guarantee, which will build your credibility.

9. Inject Scarcity

Your letter should be able to convince the readers into buying what you offer. When you specify that it is a rare chance or a limited offer, people will be motivated to get it.

10. Include Action Statement

You should clearly specify what action your reader has to take next. You may want them to call you or meet you in person.

11. Include Warning

You can make your letter more dramatic by adding a warning statement. Specify how big their loss is going to be, if they miss the given opportunity.

12. End with a Reminder

Specify the action that you expect the reader to take and the advantages of taking that step, towards the closing of your letter.

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