Business Marketing Sales Letter



Blueridge Inc,

#5, Sheffield,

South Yorkshire,

London, S25

Date: 12th July 2012

Subject: Letter to introduce new product

Dear Sir,

We, Glowcare Limited, are writing this letter to introduce our personal care products to your company. We are a company in this business for the past five years. We have been certified by the Dermatology Association of London for manufacture of safe products. In order to assure you of the efficacy of the products that we manufacture we are sending across some samples of our products along with this letter.

The product samples that we are sending are the ones that will enhance the facial glow and reduce wrinkles and dark patches with just few days use. This product is such a wonderful thing that it repairs damaged and sun exposed skin instantly right from the first use. It is dermatological tested and is certified to be safe for use by both men and women. This facial glow gel is not only effective but also very affordable.

We therefore want your company to distribute the free samples to all your employees and help us to popularize the product for better sales opportunities. We will be visiting your office sometime next week to get a feedback on the products. Also please feel free to give us a call on the number mentioned below for any doubt.

Thanking you in advance.

Yours Sincerely,

Norton Lewis.

Sales head

Glowcare Limited

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