Different Types of Sales Letters

Different types of sales letters are used by most businesses for promoting their products or services, highlighting special offers, reminding customers about the expiration of warranties or for providing special services. Sales letters play an important role in achieving the goals of company. You can choose from the different types of sales letters for business writing.

1. Introductory Sales Letter

This type of letter is generally used for the introduction of your product or service to customers or business clients. Introductory sales letters are used for explaining how your prospects would benefit by using your products or services over others. Some companies provide a trial offer in their introductory sales letter. This letter should be kept short, but attention grabbing.

2. Product Update Sales Letter

This letter is used for notifying your former and present customers about new products or any improvements in the existing ones. You can include comparative information for describing the benefits of using new products or services over the older ones. Special offers, such as discounts on purchase within the specified period, may also be provided in the product update sales letters.

3. Selling Incentive Sales Letter

These letters are used for promoting existing products or services, among the present customers. You need to make your selling incentive sales letter very exciting to entice the customers, perhaps a discount offer or a free gift, etc.

4. Thank You Sales Letter

Every now and then, it is necessary to thank your clients or customers for being associated with you. Mention that you appreciate the fact that your customers have chosen you for business. This makes your customers feel that you have high regard for them and helps in building lasting relationship.

5. Holiday Celebration Sales Letter

This type of letter provides an opportunity for you, to offer your product or service as a gift for the customer’s family or friends. You can specify about special gifts, discounts or limited edition offers for the holiday season, to attract your customers.

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