Financial Advisor Sales Letter


John Buchanan

87, Lytton Street, Eastern London


10th July 2012

Sub – Financial advisor sales letter.

Dear Mr. John

I am writing this letter to advice on the efficient methods of increasing your wealth. I have being your financial advisor for the last seven years and my advice has helped you to increase your wealth by over ten times. However this year the growth perspective of your wealth looks bleak because of the ongoing economic slowdown. It will be a tough year on the part of the financial advisor to help their clients multiply their wealth. You are advised to put fifty per cent of your disposable income in bank fixed deposit. Although the return on the fixed deposit are on the lower side but your money is safe. You should allocate twenty per cent of the rest of your wealth to debt funds and gold funds. The rate of return in these funds is higher when compared with the fixed deposits. The balance thirty per cent of your wealth should be allocated to equities of reputed blue chip companies.

Hope that by following the above advice you will be able to increase your wealth by at least thirty per cent in this calendar year.

Yours Sincerely

Peter Brown

Financial Advisor

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