Financial Sales Letter


Adam Bologna

93, Goodwill Colony, New York


10th July, 2012

Sub- Financial sales letter

Dear Mr. Adam

I am writing this letter to inform you about the newly launched financial product of our company which aims at increasing the wealth of its subscribers by keeping the principal amount invested fully secured. Our company will be the guarantor of the principal amount on your behalf. However the rate of return will entirely depend upon the market conditions. The name of scheme is “Technocrats Gold Open Equity Fund” and the issue opens for subscription form 15th July 2012 and the scheme ends on 30th July 2012.The minimum amount to be invested is $2000 while the there is no limit on the maximum amount that can be invested in the scheme. The scheme carries as lock in period of three years and the units are redeemable after that. The fund will mature on 30th July 2022.Gold as we all know is an excellent hedge against inflation, secure and the returns have been as high as thirty per cent in the last decade.

Please contact us in case you require any other information about the fund.

Yours Sincerely

Glenn Howards

Marketing Manager

Technocrats Financial Solutions Private Limited

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