Financial Services Sales Letter

Robert Ford

43, Durwin Street, Southern London


10th July 2012

Sub- Financial services sales letter

Dear Mr. Robert

I am writing this letter to inform you about the new financial services launched by Reliable Life Insurance Corporation. We have recently launched new term insurance policies for all age group of people .You can choose the product which suits you the best. Our company has launched attractive insurance policy with affordable premium for the younger generation of our country. You can buy the unit linked insurance plans in order to fulfill your long term financial goals. One of the hot selling products of our company is the family health insurance cover plan. This policy provides comprehensive heath cover up to $100000 (one lack dollars) as hospitalization expenses at a very low monthly premium. The advantage of subscribing to a family life cover plan is that you will get term plan cover of 500000 (five lacks dollars) absolutely free of cost.

You are requested to contact us in case if you require any other information on our insurance products. Our agents will contact you at your residence and explain the policy details.

Yours Sincerely

Radon Gomes

Marketing Manager

Reliable Life Insurance Corporation

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