Hotel Sales Proposal Letter


The Manager,

Hotel Marriots International,

#46, Aldershot, Hampshire,

London, GU12

Date: 06th October 2012

Subject: Proposal sales letter for hotel supplies

Dear Sir,

We, PQR Maintenance Limited, are a leading maintenance company that provides maintenance services to various corporate companies, hospitals, hotels etc. We provide excellent service for the upkeep of the premises and have been in this field for the past five years.

You must be aware that maintenance of a hotel is one of the key issues that helps build business. It is only a clean and hygienic atmosphere that customers prefer to stay in and this is possible only when you have dedicated staff to take care of it.

So the best solution is to outsource your maintenance worries to us and relax without having to bother about any complaints from the customers. We ensure to maintain high standards of cleaning and upkeep of the premises. Also we will handle any customer complaints as regards the upkeep and ensure that they are satisfied with their stay in your hotel. We have the privilege of working with International hotels such as Global Hotels, Grand Hotels and others.

We will be more than glad to serve your hotel and help you build better business. Hope to get a positive reply from your company soon.


Matthew Joseph

PQR Maintenance Limited

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