How to Write a Business Sales Letter

Sales letters offer a customized means of email marketing in businesses. You should know how to write a business sales letter to achieve your goals.

1. Build Trust

Besides specifying about the benefits pertaining to your product or service in the opening statement, you can boost interest of the reader, by providing the details of your high-profile associates or previous clients.

2. Get to the Point

You should provide a detailed description in the second paragraph. You should make yourself believable. Explain about your particular business, what your best qualities are and what you are offering.

3. Make it Attractive

You should design your document well for a visual effect. The content should be arranged in a manner which allows for easy navigation to the reader. You can create your own professional looking sales letter template, using the logo of your company, brand and colors.

4. Include an Action Statement

You should specify the action statement that is recommended and the steps that tell the reader how to proceed next. For example, you can say, “Please contact me before Monday”.

5. Add an incentive

You should explain clearly why, when and how the customers need to act. Also specify any incentive such as a free gift or discount or a special offer on acting sooner.

6. Avoid “Mail Merge”

Mail merge offers an easy and quick way of sending multiple mails to the targeted recipients. However, it is better to avoid using this tempting technology for business letters. When you are dealing with your clients, it is best to write customized sales letters. You should collect information about your customers using the database, to know about their preferences and then mail specialized letters when it is appropriate.

7. Build Connections

You should not sound too pushy, when promoting about your products or services. The aim is to build a long-term relationship with your customers. You should not force them to go for a discounted sale, but find out what the customer wants, so that you can meet the demands. This helps in building a lasting customer relationship.

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