How to Write a Sales Letter

Give particular emphasis to the look, wording, besides the way the information is organized and keep those models in mind when beginning to write a sales letter. Center it on the page and use large type, bold, or color—something to set it apart from the body of the letter. Then experiment with a font quite different from those used in the text. Always remember the rules of design – no more than two fonts, and do not mix the fonts. Attempt a combination of Times New Roman and Arial. While experimenting with the font types, also remember to be careful about choosing the size of the font.

Now describe the special attributes, features besides benefits of the product or service sought to be promoted. A feature is something that makes the product or service extraordinary, essential or valuable. A feature describes what the product or service is or what it has. The benefit of the feature is the feature will do for the reader. Bullet points are good to use here as they draw the attention to this important section. Benefits sell while features often do not. While many sales letters list benefits only, others list both features and benefits.