How to Write a Sales Letter

A sales letter is a kind of business agreement letter, which is generally used for the introduction of new products and services, presenting an overview of current sale, presenting new promotional offers or for the introduction of current business to new markets or customers. A sales letter can vary from strictly formal to completely informal, based on the type of industry, the promotion under consideration and the audience. Here is a general specification about how to write a sales letter.


  • You should first decide whether you want to write the letter on the letterhead or other type of paper. Most business letters are typed or written on the letterhead specific to the company. You can choose to make your sales letter informal also. Promotional correspondence letters such as invitations and flyers are also considered as sales letters. Select the format and paper.
  • Provide an outline for your letter. If you choose not to use the business letter format or use a letterhead, you should make sure to provide all the important information in your sales letter.
  • Keep the content concise. In the first paragraph, you can provide the introduction of the product or service. In the second paragraph, you can provide a detailed description or an explanation about special offers or current promotions. You should specify the “action step” or the action that you expect to be taken, for the reader. For example you can say “Please call Sarah to make an appointment” or “Bring this coupon with you to get discount on new purchase”. You should clearly specify what steps need to be taken by the recipient.
  • Make a thorough review of your letter and print it. Sales letter generally goes to many recipients, such as new clients or your existing customers. Flyers are intended for the general public.

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