How to Write a Sales Proposal Letter

Sales proposal letters are powerful tools for finalizing businesses. You should know how to write a sales proposal letter, when you are into a business.


The sales proposal letter reflects your company and your products or services. Make sure that the appearance of your letter projects the right image. You should clearly mention the name of the receiver on top right of the letter on every page. If possible, include the logo of your prospect also. This makes your prospects feel that you show importance to them. You can place the name and logo of your company on the bottom right of the letter.


Make sure that the content on your letter is readable. Provide only the facts and try not to be too pushy in your proposal. Be straightforward and provide only the necessary details in your sales proposal.


Here is how to write a sales proposal letter structure
1) Cover Letter
2) Executive Summary
3) Present Situation
4) Proposed Solution
5) Price Justification
6) Additional Documentation

Cover Letter

You should keep the cover letter of sales proposal short and in a single page. Mention the names of all the individuals who provided the necessary information. It shows that you have put in team effort.

Executive Summary

Here, you need to provide a short summary covering the entire proposal. Executive overview is an important section, as it is likely to be read by the final decision maker. Generally staff members read the other sections.

Present Situation

In this section, you should specify what the current problem is and the importance of your product or service in such as situation. You should specify how your prospect is suffering loss in terms of time, money or additional expenses, because of the present condition.

Proposed Solution

You should explain how your product or service is going to solve the current problem. Focus on the features and benefits of the proposed application.

Price Justification

You should show how your product or service will be able to solve the problem using measurable facts. Demonstrate why it is economical to buy the application.

Additional Documentation

Include all the necessary documents which will be needed by your prospect to make the decision, including contract papers, delivery schedule, implementation plans and other documents. 

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