How to Write an Effective Sales Letter

Sales letters are of significant importance to a business. Most companies use email marketing approach for the promotion of their products and services. You should have the knowledge about how to write an effective sales letter, for achieving the desired result.

The goal of writing a sales letter is to obtain a positive response from your prospective customers or clients. Your letter should be written in such a manner, that the readers should buy what you say and ultimately buy your product or service.

Guidelines on how to write an effective sales letter

  • Address your customers with their name, when writing the letter. This personal approach helps in establishing a good relationship.
  • Specify only a few significant features about your product or service in the letter. Most people are not interested in knowing about all the details, but how the product or service is useful to them. Demonstrate the benefits of using your application in a persuasive manner.
  • Provide the price details and a brief justification of the cost. You should explain how your product helps in saving money or reduces maintenance costs or eliminates additional costs, by providing comparative details of other brands.
  • You can offer special discounts or attractive prizes for the customers, which makes your sale more attractive.
  • Add an action statement towards the end of your sales letter. You should clearly specify what the customer needs to do, such as contacting you or registering online.
  • Give a suitable reason for the recipient to take an immediate action. For instance, you may add that the special offer will be ending soon or it is a limited edition supply.
  • Provide all the necessary details, which will be required by your prospects in the sales letter. Give your contact number, email id, website of your company and the physical address.

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