How to Write an Insurance Sales Letter

Sales letters are useful marketing tools in the growing dominance of email marketing. Whether you are selling life, health or other insurance product, an effective sales letter helps in getting your message across and increases your client base. You should know how to write an insurance sales letter for enticing the customers. Your letter should stand out from the numerous sales offers and encourage your readers to take action.

Tips on how to write an insurance sales letter

1. Customize

You get only one or two paragraphs to hold the attention of readers. Hence it is important to get to the point quickly, starting with the introduction. Try to personalize the letter by greeting the receiver using their name. If possible, include the prospect’s title and company logo as well. You may include how you got the lead in the introductory paragraph. If you buy good internet leads, you will get the names and email addresses of your prospects.

For example:
Dear Mr. Jones,
You are receiving this mail in response to your request for health insurance quotes online. New Moon Insurance Group offers highly competitive plans for you and your loved ones.

Another approach is to provide a special offer that includes personal touch. You can specify a gift or special offer in the second paragraph, to keep them interested in the letter.

2. Use Sales-Motivating Words

Avoid using hard sell methods in the letter. Customers can easily tell the hard sell strategies and end the matter by tossing it aside. In the body of the letter, you should specify briefly why it is necessary for them to buy your insurance plan.

Make use of motivating words such as BEST VALUE, LOW RATES or SAVE to demonstrate why your company’s insurance claims are better, compared to other plans.

You should also show how your insurance plan will help in improving their life or how their coverage concerns will be satisfied with your product. One important thing to keep in mind is to tailor the message according to the customer’s situation, i.e. whether they require accidental, life, health, or other insurance type.

3. Include a Call for Action

In the closing of your insurance sales letter, specify the action steps which your prospect need to take. Remind them about the benefits they may lose, if they fail to take the step in specified time.

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