How to Write an Unsolicited Sales Letter

Unsolicited sales letters which are framed badly, end up in recycle bins or spam. Mail marketing approach, used by most companies, works well if it is done in the right way. You should be aware of how to write an unsolicited sales letter for effective promotion of business. The trick lies in approaching the customer in a proper way, offering useful information and specifying how to obtain it.

Instructions on how to write an unsolicited sales letter

  • Maintain professional style while writing letters. Good letters resemble regular letters. Use standard font style and keep the content short and precise. Avoid using gimmicks like hot-pink paper, too many exclamation points, writing in capitals and overuse of bold words, which can all be off-putting.
  • Decide your target audience and tailor the sales letter based on the needs of that particular group. If it is for general population, include what people generally wish to have in the content such as convenience, efficiency and less strain.
  • If you have the list of your customers, it is best to address the readers with their name. Specify their title or include their company logo, if possible.
  • Give a brief introduction about yourself, including your name, job title, the name of your company and a simple specification of what it does. This will let the audience know that you are a real person, working for an organization.
  • Connect with your prospective customers, using any details that you have about them. If you are writing to individuals in a specific area, use statistical research details like “We understand that people of (region) are looking for better (product)”. If you are writing to a specific age group, you can say “Our website provides useful information about educational activities for high school students”.
  • Introduce your product and highlight some of its significant features and demonstrate how it will be useful for your customers.
  • Include all your contact information and specify your company’s website. Mention what action your customers need to take in the closing of the letter. 

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