How to Write Sales Promotion Letter

A sales promotion letter is used for notifying the existing customers or prospective customers with the help of snail mail or email about new promotion of your business. You should know how to write a sales promotion letter for effective marketing. These are aimed at boosting sales over a short period or long term. Before writing the sales promotion letter, you should gather the necessary information regarding the product or service and take your time in developing the offer. Here are the guidelines on how to write sales promotion letter.


  • It is advisable to address each of your customers by his or her name. Use your database for the list and other details pertaining to the customers.
  • Divide the letter into three sections: heading, body and conclusion. In the heading, specify your business name. In the body, provide the description about your product or service and in the closing you should specify the importance of your product over others and any special offers.
  • Begin your letter with a brief introduction about your business. You can specify how long you have been in this business, your prominent clients or associates or any awards or recognitions you received. This will help in establishing your credibility, before proceeding with sales promotion details.
  • Describe few major features about your product or service and the benefits the customers will be able to derive from its use.
  • Explain the promotional offer clearly. Highlight any special offers. Your letter should be convincing enough to make your customers purchase your product or service.
  • Express your enthusiasm about hearing from your customers or clients soon or accommodating them for any requests, in the closing of the letter. Remind them about the limited offer and specify how they should proceed next.
  • Include the signature of the sales manager or owner of the company. Name and title of the sender should also be included in the letter.

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