IT Sales Engineer Cover Letter


Mr. Richard Steele,

Techie Nation Technologies Private Limited,

67B, River Valley High Street,

Los Angeles,



20th December 2013

Sub – Application for the Position of an IT Sales Engineer

Dear Mr. Steele,

This letter is to apply for the position of an IT sales engineer in your company Techie Nation Technologies Private Limited. I have always wanted to work in your company and when I spotted the advertisement in the newspapers yesterday, where your company was looking for IT sales engineers, I was delighted. Please find all my references enclosed and a copy of my resume as well. I have been working in Grey Enterprises since 2010 as an IT sales engineer and I would be grateful if I would realise my dream of working in Techie Nation Technologies Private Limited.

I have a bachelor’s degree in computer software development and I undertake the responsibility of providing support to customers in my current profile in Grey Enterprises. I take care to answer all the queries that the customers might have regarding the technical products they buy from us. My skill in customer service helps me in this profile.

I hope we can meet soon and discuss the possibilities of my recruitment.

Thanking you

Anna Dawson

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