Network Marketing Sales Letter


The Manager,

Richard Associates Ltd,

#45, Swansea,

West Glamorgan,

London, SA4

Date: 08th September 2012

Subject: Sales letter to initiate network marketing

Dear Sir,

I am hereby writing this letter to introduce our company, PQR Furniture to you. We are a company into manufacturing of office furniture. We have been in this business for the past eight years and very successful so far. We are looking for network partners to tie-up with our company to promote our business to various corporate.

We have come to know of your company as one that offers office supplies and stationery to corporate companies. As you would have heard about the power of network marketing it helps even small businesses to grow substantially. We want your company to network with us to provide the corporate companies with our reference in finalizing their office furniture requirements.

We offer great commissions for network companies working with us. Your company can even become our channel partners depending on the performance shown for the stipulated period of first three months.

I hope your company will find this network marketing offer very lucrative. We are open to discuss further terms and conditions of the networking at your office next week according to your convenience. Please call us to finalize the appointment on 99-8898-87879.

Hope to have a great networking business relationship with your company soon.

Yours Sincerely,

Palmer Tina.

PQR Furniture

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