Persuasive Sales Letter

Persuasive Sales Letter is to persuade the reader to compulsorily read and initiate positive action thereafter. Like killer sales letter, persuasive letter too should contain carefully used words/phrases to induce the interest in the minds of the readers. For example,

Can you ever imagine getting $1000 worth hand tools set for just at the quarter of the price? – the interrogatory sentence persuades the regular user of hand tools/an engineer working on machines to read with persuasion to find what is inside the letter.

The next phrasing should to induce interest to read further, like

Yes, it’s absolutely true. You can really replace your old, conventional bulky hand tools and only pay $275 to get a sleek and portable kit containing set of hand tools. For further details, please read further.

Then, briefly highlight the salient features comparing the conventional hand tools with those being offered.

Close the letter by limiting the offer, like

“Hurry up!! Only limited quantities available; the special price offered above may vanish soon and revert to $1100. Please rush your orders quickly to avail the special price and greet yourself for the judgment”

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