Retail Sales Reference Letter


Michael Decker

HR Head, GTE Retail Group

F-19, second floor

Birmingham, West Midlands

7th November 2011

Dear Mr. Decker

Subject: Retail sales reference letter

I take this as my privilege to write this recommendation letter on behalf of Mr. John Jaden. He has worked for almost 5 years in our retail group. He has grown from the retail executive to the manager level in our organization. During his stay all his performances were excellent. He has good understanding of retail business and the brand equity. He has efficient communication skill and can meet the toughest challenges of his work. He also attended various training and events organized by our organization.

He is incredibly intelligent and will do tremendous value addition to your organization. He has also done diploma in retail management and has certification in retails as well. He has great inclination towards the customer satisfaction. His creativity adds up to his contribution in the growth of the retail chains. He also has financial genius in terms of retail sales growth.

It is a deep disappointment to lose John, but I highly recommend him for this position in your organization.  He is an enthusiast, team player, hard working professional who is self motivated towards accomplishing his professional goals.

Thanking you

Linda Joseph

Head, TED Retail Group

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