Sales Achievement Letter


Cathy M Smith

#345, Jackson Lane


Date: 23rd Feb’ 2012

Dear Cathy,

This letter is being written to you in reference to your outstanding achievement in the Bellay Technologies project.

You have put your sales expertise and hard work to achieve success in this project.  You have achieved extraordinary results in this project and provided a vital long term contract that will contribute in the success and development of the organization. I really appreciate the way that you have gone an extra mile to satisfy the client’s specific requirements pertaining to this particular project. They have also given a very positive feedback for you.

I want to thank you for your contribution and efforts that you made for the development of the organization. I am also very happy to announce that you are being rewarded with a holiday package with your family for a week. I hope that you’ll keep working in this direction and will keep on achieving success for yourself and the organization.


Jay M Sean,

Vice President, Sales

ADS Technologies

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