Sales Agreement Letter


Jason Blair

Blair & Company Pvt. Ltd

Down Lake Street, Baker Road

Bettersea, London-SW11 5PF

United Kingdom

February 20th, 2012

Dear Sir,

On behalf of Eagle Sales Group of Companies Pvt. Ltd, I am sending you a sales agreement concerning public & western sales government policies. This sales agreement letter is revised as per your discussion held with Mr. John Smith, Senior General Manager of Eagle Sales Group of Companies Pvt. Ltd.

According to the fresh Sales agreement terms, we will professionally sell your cosmetic products inclusive of all taxes worldwide by employing the latest government sales policies. In order to commence the new sales procedures with prospective clients, we request you to pay us 30% of the total selling commission in advance.

If you have any further query on the aforementioned terms, kindly feel free to write us at: or call us on: 7899 858 6979.

We will be waiting for your confirmation on this new sales agreement.

Thank you,

Diana Spencer

Eagle Sales Group of Companies Pvt. Ltd

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