Sales Appointment Request Letter


Paul Drake

Head Sales, MGL Group of companies

T-56, second floor

Manchester, Greater Manchester

6th February 2011

Dear Mr. Drake

Subject: Sales appointment request letter

We are looking for the appointment with your organization to discuss the services offered by our company. We are basically an event management and brand promotion organizing company. We help our clients create various brand campaigns and events which help their product to reach to the maximum number of clients in most sophisticated way. We also try to give the maximum media coverage to the products so that more and more number of people can be made aware about the products and services offered by our clients.

As you are a market player in terms of fashion apparels and accessories, we would like to assist you in the promotion of your products worldwide. We have our international presence which will help you to spread your products to every part of the globe. If we can get a chance to meet you in person, then that will give us an opportunity to give you all the details about our company, our clients and also about the events and campaigns held by us in past. We have been working in this industry for more than two decades. The team of our highly qualified and trained professionals will help you increase your market share along with the sales figure.

We wish to meet you in person at the earliest.

Thanking you

Julie Denton

Marketing Manager, KTL Event organizers

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