Sales Assistant Motivation Letter


Mr. Thomas G Carnegie,

Sales Assistant,

Associated Sales Company Limited,

#2, Colchester, Essex,

London, CO30

Date: 25th June 2012

Subject: Letter to Sales Assistant

Dear Mr. Thomas,

We are at the last quarter of sales and with this we will be ending a great sales year. I know that we have faced a lot of difficulties during the beginning of the year. In spite of the numerous difficulties faced by you I am glad to share that you have done an exemplary job.

Apart from me even the management of the company is extremely pleased with your performance. You have not only fought through the tough work situations but also helped your peers steer through it with great ease. This shows that you possess leadership qualities which are essential for the long run career success for a sales person.

Your contribution to provide impetus to the sales this year has been the best amongst all other branches of our company. In appreciation of your commendable sales performance the management of our company has decided to give you an additional bonus of 15% which no other employee has been able to obtain so far.

We once again congratulate you for your performance and wish you good luck for future.

Yours Truly,

Thompson Reuter.

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