Sales Call Follow Up Letter


Ron Howard

Administration Manager

Blink and Miss Ad Agency

213 Universal High Street

Ottawa, Utah 3467

Dated: 16th of May 2012

Subject: Follow up of sales call


Respected Mr. Howard,

This letter is in regards to the sales call made by us on 1st of May 2012 regarding supplying stationery items to your organization for office needs. You had asked us to mail you the quotation details and you said that you would get back to us by 10th of May 2012. It is already five days past 10th of May so I decided to make this follow up.

Our organization specializes in manufacturing all kinds of stationary items and we supply the same to various reputed organizations. Our items are of good quality and are available at the best possible price in the market. You must be maintaining a stock of stationary items at your office for day to day use. I request you to try our product and I can assure you that you will have no scope for complaint.

I am enclosing the quotation detail again and the list of items manufactured by us. Looking forward to a positive reply from your end.


Jane Ire

Sales Executive

Glenn Sales Limited 

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