Sales Clerk Resignation Letter


George Watson

Sales Manager

Rise Sales Agency



22nd January 2013

Subject: Sales clerk resignation letter

Respected Sir,

Please consider this letter as I send a final notice of my resignation from the job post of a sales clerk as Rise Sales Agency. My last date of working at this organisation would be on 22nd February 2013. This is in reference to the company’s policies that require submitting one month notice prior to the resignation.

My employment tenure at Rise sales agency was a great learning experience. Working for the sales department, I have always made sure that I work to provide finest assistance to my sales manager and seniors. I am resigning from the job post of a sales clerk from the company as I have some newer opportunities waiting for me. This is in accordance to the wider career prospects and higher sales position that is knocking my door. I am surely going to miss the working atmosphere, business relationships, sales workers and all my colleagues whom I have worked with.

I will be available anytime for the necessary proceedings of my resignation. Please let me know if I need to complete any other formalities. Will wait for your approval.

I wish you and your staff all the very best for future!

Thanking you for your time and consideration.


Eric Roy

Sales Clerk

Rise Sales Agency

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