Sales Commission Letter


Adam Jimmy

Sales Agent

45 Russell Street, Central London


22ND June 2012

Sub- Increase in Sales commission letter

Dear Adam

I am writing this letter to inform you about the latest upward revision in the sales commission that you will receive being the sales agent of our company. The management of our company has decided to give flat 5% commission on the retail price of the cars sold by the company sales personnel. The commission is payable on 10th of every month through NEFT bank transfer in the account of the sales agent. In order to boost sales the company has decided to give one per cent additional commission to those eligible sales agents who manage to sell more than ten cars in a month. The company has also introduced a reward of $100 month to the best sales agent of the month. The top performer in a particular calendar year will receive a onetime reward of $1000.

Hope that you are happy with the substantial increase in the sales commission and rewards. Wish you best for of luck for the future as a sales agent of our company.

Yours Sincerely

Peter Strauss

Marketing Manager

Zoom Automat Private Limited

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