Sales Commission Offer Letter


Sales employees and sales staff members

Great Sales Enterprises



Date:22nd January 2013                                                   

Subject: Sales commission offer letter

Dear employees and staff,

I am writing this letter to inform you all to our new commission based offers and plans that we have recently introduced in the sale department of our organisation. This letter is to introduce all the employees, staff members and senior staff members about the sales commission offers, effective from 1st February 2013.

After carefully examining the conditions of the organisation, we have come up with a decision to offer commission to the employees based on the performance, projects worked, sincerity, regularity and other related factors. The commission offer is valid also for the employees who may appoint or refer a person to our sales organisation. The terms and conditions of the sales commission offer are mentioned in detail in the enclosed document. The commission percentage and price values for the employees would vary according to their job post, salary, works and procedures, type of activity and other policies set in by the company.

We are sure that this sales commission offers that we introduced would prove to be beneficial in increasing the sales of our company. For any kind of queries, you may contact Md. Fred David, Manager of the Sales Department.

Thanking you!

Williams Paul

Sales Financial Executive

Great Sales Enterprises

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