Sales Consultant Motivation Letter


The Sales Team

ACME Business Group Limited

56 Little Russell Street

New York, New Jersey 3187

Dated: 5th of June 2012

Subject: letter of motivation for better performance

Dear All,

I understand that in today’s time, the world has become very competitive and there is cut throat competition all around. I am writing this letter to motivate you and give solutions in order to make that extra effort to keep in pace with the competition.

I understand that the sales target has been revised two months back as the cost of production has also increased. I am observing that the sales team is unable to meet the sales target since then. I know that it is a temporary phase and you all will overcome this hindrance. After that I am sure that you will not only meet the revised target but also exceed it.  All you need to do so is change your current sales strategies and keep following up with the prospective strategies. I am sure that you would be able to do that and overcome the hindrance.

I would also request you all not to lose confidence. I wish you all the best for your performance.


Norman Creed

Sales Consultant

ACME Business Group Limited

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