Sales Contract Letter


John Dianna

Manager (Stores)

Regional Aluminum Company Limited

54, Prince Wood Street, Southern London


22nd June, 2012

Sub: Sales Contract

Dear John

I am writing this letter to inform you that our company has decided to give you the sales contract for a period of two years staring from 1st September 2012.The management of our company has accepted your footwear company’s proposal of giving flat twenty five percent discount on very pair of shoes ordered .Now onwards your company will be referred as Seller; while our company would be referred as buyer.

The sales contract is made under the following terms and conditions:-

  • Date of termination of contract- 31st August, 2014
  • The buyer shall pay all the dues of the previous orders to  the seller on or  before 10th of every month
  • Once the order is placed by the Buyer the seller should deliver the footwear within fifteen days.
  • The seller should replace all the defective footwear supplied to the buyer.
  • The seller should immediately inform the buyer regarding any delay in shipping the order.

Please let us know if you have any doubts regarding any of the clause.  Looking forward for a long term professional relationship with your company.

Thanking you,

Angelo Mathew

Sales Manager

RTR Footwear Company Limited

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