Sales Decline Letter


Jean Brooks

Sales Manager,

HDO Group of companies

E-12, third floor

Burnt island, Fife

5th June 2011

Dear Mr. Brooks

Subject: sales decline letter

Our company’s management board in their recent fortnightly meeting discussed in detail the sales data, artifacts and figures for the Indiana state, which was shared by your sales team with us during our last call with you on 13th May 2011.

We wish to summarily inform you that we are in complete disagreement with the numbers, factual information and graphical as well as qualitative data that has been shared with us for each of the ten different counties in the state of Indiana where we have our existing and newly acquired distributors and warehouses. Particularly in the Benton county and Boone county, the sales figures were shown to be $35’000 and $65’000 respectively, but we firmly believe that these numbers are much less by a long shot. Our own estimates suggest these to be 1.5 times and 2.3 times of the above mentioned numbers and we have reasons to believe that the sales figures shared by your team have not taken into account all possible sales scenarios and hence we decline the sales information provided to us.

Please call me for any further clarification.

Thanking you

Linda James

Sales Head, JEP Group

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