Sales Executive Motivation Letter


Peter C Anthony,

Sales Executive,

Innovative Sales Inc,

#2, Leyland,


London, PR26

Date: 24th September 2012

Subject: letter to Sales Executive

Dear Peter,

I am writing to you to talk about the sales meeting that we had last week. On evaluation of the sales performance of all the sales executives we have arrived at the conclusion that you have given the highest sales during the period under review.

You have not only accomplished the stipulated sales target assigned to you but also exceeded it tremendously. Also our sales team has been awarded as the best sales team in the entire region of business. But without your great sales skills and willingness to achieve the best this would not have been possible for our sales team.

While I understand that it was a team effort I make this special recognition of your contribution that is worth appreciation. I am also very glad to inform you that you have been awarded the best sales executive for this year.

On account of having received this award you will be given a trophy on our upcoming annual day by the Chairman of our company along with a cash prize and an appreciation certificate.

I am sure that you are delighted and we want to see you in action as always even in this new financial year.

Wish you good luck for future.

Yours Sincerely,

Mathew George.

Sales Head

Innovative Sales Inc.

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