Sales Job Introduction Letter


Henry Derek

Hiring Manager

Holy Enterprises Limited

New York

12th September 2012

Subject: Sales job introduction letter

Respected Mr. Henry,

In today’s world, the fast paced market and the highly organized companies’ needs strong sales leadership so that the changing and ever growing needs of the business can be met. In due regard, I am writing to introduce you to my job profile. I am an accomplished sales strategist, and I believe that my qualifications and skills would prove to be an asset to your company.

Through this letter I want to introduce you to my job proficiencies and abilities that I practice as a sales strategist. I possess strong decision making abilities clubbed with organization skills that make me efficient to quickly formulate a sales plan and hence execute it to bring success in the company. I am strategic when it comes to analyzing the sales profit margins that are fluctuating in and out of the company and hence put forward conclusions of the same. As a sales strategist, I make sure that I hold profitable sales and increase the standards of the sales ratios.

I believe that I have introduced you to my sales job profile. I am enclosing my resume along with this letter so that you can explore my academic and professional background. Please welcome me with an opportunity to sit for an interview with you.

Thanking you!


Tom Bill

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