Sales Letter Example

A sales letter is a page designed to sell a product/service. The product/service offered may be fantastic but would not earn a penny if the sales letter lacks crackle.

The headers and sub-headers should be catchy enough to invoke readers’ interest in seeking more information like

Target a suffering point – “do you have continuous nagging headache?”

Highlight a gaining feature – “your bald head can come back with fluffy curly hair”

Invoke curiosity – “Can facial cream cure pimples?”

Followed by some keywords.

The sales letter should grab readers’ attention, should prove to provide a solution, eliminate risk and hopefully generate a sale. To create enthusiasm for the readers to read with interest, a letter should contain phrases like

  • Who else needs _______?
  • Here’s how you can gain without hassle…
  • Get rid of ________________ permanently
  • A system that revolutionized ___________
  • Save 30% on _________ by these simple steps
  • How I turned a winner in just a week!

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