Sales Marketing Motivation Letter


Joseph Leo

Sales Employee

Fine Sales Agency

New York

12th September 2012

Subject: Sales marketing motivation letter

Dear Mr. Leo,

I am Williams George, sales manager of Fine Sales Agency. I am writing this letter to motivate you to step forward and indulge yourself in the sales marketing and advertising. Please find the enclosed documents that will update you with some of the measures that you can undertake while marketing the sales and the sales plans.

You being the employee of the month, I am writing this letter to encourage you to lay emphasis and proceed towards introducing efficient marketing plans that may uplift the sales of our organization. You being a strategic and committed employee of the sales team, I expect you to implement your marketing strategies and ideas in the best possible way so that they directly enhance the sales ratios and therefore the profit margins. I have full faith in you that you can handle sales marketing with the best of your abilities and will prove me right on my decision.

I request you to come to my office on 14th September by 5:00 PM to discuss some of the important measures behind the sales marketing. I look forward to have good results from you.


Williams George

Sales Manager

Fine Sales Agency

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