Sales Meeting Follow Up Thank You Letter


Max Well

Managing Director

RG Group of Companies

45 Blue Side Street

Holly Wood, Los Angeles 4590


Date: 17th of January 2013


Subject: Follow up of sales meeting


Respected Mr. Well,


I would like to thank you on behalf of the entire sales department for arranging the sales meeting on 15th of January 2013. There are few queries raised in the sales meeting regarding which I would like to make a follow up.


The sales meeting was really necessary for all the members of the sales department. We were facing certain issues in meeting the revised sales target set by the organization. We wanted to discuss that issue in the sales meeting and you were really patient in listening to our issues and suggesting solutions to achieve the sales target. In the meeting it was decided that the sales target would be revised again in order to make it comfortable for all the sales executives and you had informed us that you would keep us updated about the new sales target. It would be great if you could update us about it.


Looking forward to your reply.



Joseph Lynn

Sales Department Head

RG Group of Companies

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