Sales Meeting Invitation Letter


Joseph Lynn

Sales Department Head

Aspen Group of Companies

87 Norman Red Street

New York, New Jersey 4590

Dated: 7th of January 2013

Subject: Invitation for sales meeting

Dear Mr. Lynn,

This is to bring to your notice that the higher management of our organization has decided to hold a sales meeting and I would like to invite you and few members of the sales department for the same. The meeting is scheduled on 15th of January 2013.

Since we have revised the sales target on 5th of October 2012, I have been observing the sales team is unable to achieve the sales target though there is huge demand for our products in the market. It is necessary that the higher management tries to understand the reason for the same so that the sales target can be revised again. You being the head o the sales department, your presence is necessary. I request you to attend the meeting along with your sales manager and five of your most productive sales executives. The meeting would be taking place at our office headquarter and will begin from 11 A.M.

Looking forward to your presence.


Max Well

Managing Director

Aspen Group of Companies

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