Sales Meeting Request Letter


Mr. Jason Bowls

Spencer Merchandise Pvt. Ltd

Andrew Building, Lincoln Park

London, United Kingdom

March 4th, 2012

Sub: Sales Meeting to discuss Sales Agreement Issues.

Dear Mr. Hudson,

On the behalf of Ms. Diana Bowls, I would like to request you to schedule a sales meeting to discuss the sales agreement concerning issues. This is to inform you that on next Friday dated March 11th, 2012, Ms. Bowles, Chief Executive Officer of Diamond Sales Company Pvt. Ltd, will be in London on an official tour.

I have enclosed a list of sales issues which are unsettled between Diamond Sales Company Pvt. Ltd and Spencer Merchandise Pvt. Ltd. You can also review the current sales agreement validated by both the organizations for your ready reference.

Kindly arrange an official meet as soon as possible to serve the purpose.

If you have any question or query, you can contact us on: 6747 253 2536 or you can e-mail us at: diamondsales@gmail.comĀ  during our operational hours.


Rose Spencer

Managing Director

Diamond Sales Company Pvt. Ltd

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