Sales Meeting Thank You Letter


Peter Walt

Sales Representative

Holy Enterprises Limited

New York

12th September 2012

Subject: Sales meeting thank you letter

Deal Mr. Peter,

I Fred Derek, sales manager of Holy Enterprises Limited, am writing this letter to thank you for your valuable presence during the sales meeting that was scheduled on 10th September 2012. It was a good experience to meet you and discuss your opinions and views.

I would sincerely like to thank you for taking out time of your busy schedules and be a part of this sales meeting. It was because of you that the meeting was a successful one. The main points that attracted me during the meeting were that we were able to come to the conclusion of how to cope up with the ever growing sales market. Secondly, your views regarding the measures and methods of increasing sales profits and margins would surely be of a great help to our organization.

I once again thank you for your esteemed presence during the sales meeting. Your kind cooperation and rewarding reviews made this meeting successful. I hope that the issues and facts that were discussed during the meeting are sorted and accomplished.

Thanks once again!


Fred Derek

Sales Manager

Holy Enterprises Limited

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