Sales Non Performance Letter


Joe Darwin

Sales Representative

Glow Sales Agency


12th September 2012

Subject: Sales non performance letter

Dear Mr. Darwin,

We are writing this letter to inform you of your poor performance during the past two months at your position of being a sales representative at Glow Sales Agency. This is a final warning letter to notify you about your non performance and negligence towards your work.

We are writing to inform you that the higher authorities are greatly annoyed to see your past two month’s records. You have not been performing up to the level which is directly affecting the sales market and hence the growth of the organization. Your negligence of duties and improper coordination with other members of the sales team is marking adverse affect on the sales profit ratios and we have witnessed decline in the sales margin. Being a sales representative, such a poor working performance will not be accepted and continuous behavior in this regard may lead to your termination.

Please notice that this was the final warning letter to you for your non performance. Any further negligence, carelessness and disobedience may lead to your termination. We look forward to have you working with the best of your talents and skills.


Jacob Marley

Sales Manager

Glow Sales Agency

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