Sales Order Cancellation Letter


Mr. Hill Doe Hardy,

#5, Tipton,

West Midlands,

London, DY4

Date: 12th February 2012

Subject: Cancellation of Sales order

Dear Mr. Hill,

We are very sorry to inform you that we are canceling the sales order placed by us vide invoice no 1122 dated 25th January 2012. We are compelled to take this harsh decision on account of your constant delay in delivering the products ordered by us every month.

I hope you are aware that we have an automated production cycle to manufacture the goods. When there is delay in receipt of the goods ordered by us from your end the entire production cycle collapses. We have huge costs to bear for the machinery and employment of staff. Any delay in the production leads to idle time of the machinery and the staff. This in turn shoots up the cost of the product and makes it very difficult to sell it in the market.

We are here to do business and cannot accept any kind of laxity on the part of the suppliers that collapses the entire production process. We are very sorry that we are canceling this sales order and also all we do not wish to do any business with your company in future. We will settle all pending dues from our side within a week.

Yours Truly,

Paula Anthony

ABC Limited.

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