Sales Promotion Letter


Terry Tyler

Communications Department

Indie Services Limited

23 Tiger Hill Lane

Holly Wood, Los Angeles 5678

27th March, 2012

Respected Mr. Tyler,

I on behalf of Three Telecom Services Limited would like to introduce to you a new product that we are offering to employees of the organization. This product is corporate telecom connection provided by our organization.

We, at Three Telecom Services Limited specialize in providing cellular and internet connection. We have recently launched a scheme for all corporate organizations. With the corporate telecom connection provided your employees can avail many facilities. The calls made to the employees with the connection will be free of cost. Above that when the employees will be on roaming the call charges will be similar to local call charges and there would be no roaming charges for incoming calls.

I would request you to consider this scheme and make it available to your employees.


Jane Austen

Marketing Manager

Three Telecom Services Limited

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