Sales Proposal Letter

Dear Mr. Watson,

Are you having problem in boosting the morale of your employees? Are you finding it tough to get the maximum from your team? Do you believe your team can perform better if they all work together?

Well. If you happen to be a kind of any conventional business owner, you may have problems in your team keeping boosted. Thus, it is vital to have an expert to take care of your most important asset – the marketing people.

At Freedom Inc., we specialize in transforming average teams to super performers with the skills and expertise to help you by supercharging your team and take care of your productivity, motivation besides ego-at-work issues.

We can provide you with money-back guarantee in enhancing productivity besides boosting the morale of your sales staff. We are confident since we have delivered results and can provide written testimonials from many of our happiest clients.

Please feel free to call us for further discussion on how we can help you improve productivity and supercharging your under-performing sales personnel.

Thank you 

Very truly yours

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