Sales Quotation Letter


Richie Richard

Purchase department

Sail Iron Manufacturers

45 Yankee Doodle Street

Sin City, Los Angeles 5678

Sub: Sales Quotation

Dated: 23rd of June 2011

Respected Mr. Richard,

This letter is in response to the sales proposal that we had sent to your organization and you had asked for the quotation in response to that.

We had sent your organization a sales proposal with the intention of supplying raw iron ore as your organization specializes in manufacturing iron products and need iron ore for that. You had asked us to send a rough quotation so that you can take a decision. The price of our iron ore depends on the amount that we would be supplying and we supply a minimum of 1 ton of iron ore per order.

I am enclosing a document stating the division of quotation as per the amount ordered. I hope the quotation is as per your budget. In case of any further query you can please call us at 099-98990-39393


Tim Burton

Sales Manager

Iron Ore Manufacturers

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