Sales Referral Request Letter


Robert Dale

Sales Head, AHP Group of companies

F-3, Fifth floor

Rossendale, Lancashire

16th May 2011

Dear Mr. Dale

Subject: Sales referral request letter

We have shortlisted Mr. Samuel Smith for the position of senior sales manager in our organization. He has cleared all the rounds of interview and has been finalized for this position. He has mentioned your organization as his previous employer. As per our information he has worked with your organization for last 6 years. Hence we were looking for some information from your end.

We would like to get the details of his employment as in when did he joined your company? Please provide us all the details of his employment history which will help us to take the final decision. We would also like to know the details about his performance and work style in your organization. What is the reason behind him leaving your organization? Kindly share any other information regarding his professional behaviour which you might feel is important for us. We would also like to know his overall rating in your organization.

We would be highly obliged if you can take out some of your precious time towards providing us the much needed information from your end.

Thanking you

Margret Henry

Hiring Manger, JUO Group of companies

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