Sales Tax Authorization Letter


James Baxter

Sales Head, HDO Group of companies

A-12, first floor

Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire

7th June 2011

Dear Mr. Baxter

Subject: Sales tax authorization letter

You have been working as our authorized dealer to sell our various products in the area of

Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire since last 3 months. As far my knowledge we have finished most of the agreements and other formalities with you. The furniture manufactured by our company has also been sent to your offices for the same. Now we would like to make you the authorized partner to pay the sales tax in your area. As our distributor in Aberdeenshire area you will be required to pay the required government sales tax from the profit generated by your company.

All these sales tax related paper formalities like filling the forms and payment of the taxes in time has to be borne by your company. We make you the authority to do all that work on our behalf. The authorization agreement is enclosed along with this letter which will make you the rightful authority to pay the sales taxes in your area. Please feel free to contact us in case if you have any other query on the same.

Thanking you

Michael Dean

Sales Head, JEP Furniture Group

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