Sales Valuation Letter


Lee Birch

Sales Manager, MTR Group

D-12, sixth floor

Bishop Auckland, County Durham

3rd July 2011

Dear Mr. Birch

Subject: Sales valuation letter

We wish to evaluate the sales generated by your team in this quarter. You have 20 people working under you who are responsible for selling our apparel and accessories in our showroom located at County Durham. The target assigned to your team was $20,000 for this quarter. Now as you are already aware that based upon the performance of your team the incentives for you will be decided. All this will be discussed in the quarterly meeting which will be held by the end of this month at our head office. You will be participating in this meeting on behalf of your team.

We would like you to prepare a presentation giving the valuation of sales generated by your team. As per our valuation your team has been able to achieve 90% of the target assigned to you. We congratulate you and your team for this achievement and hope that in the next quarter you will achieve 100% of it.

We wish to meet you in the quarter meeting. Please contact us in case if you have any query.

Thanking you

Joseph Brooke

Sales Head, JYT Group of companies

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