Sales Verification Letter


Simon Ball

B-6, second floor

Coventry, West Midlands,

13th July 2011

Dear Ms. Ball

Subject: sales verification letter

We congratulate you on the sale of your land for making a commercial complex on it. You have already submitted the sales deed and agreement to our department on 20th of June 2011. Based upon the information provided by you we would like to verify the sales contract created by you. I hope you understand that the sale of land that is under process is of vital importance to both of us and proper documentation will ensure any future problems.

Thus kindly give us the required information pertaining to your sales on the parameters specified in the enclosed form. To give you a gist of the essential parameters that we will assess the sales please collect information pertaining to ownership of the land, legal documents apart from reasons for selling it. We also wish to know if any agent services were utilized by you during the entire sale process or were it a direct deal.

Also give us the details about the transaction made on behalf of this deal. The verification of this sale will be completed once you submit all these details.

Thanking you

Peter Harris

Sales Verification Officer

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