Security Company Sales Letter


Jean Kendall

Manager in charge,

QAS Group of companies

A-2, first floor

Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire

17th June 2012

Dear Mr. Kendall

Subject: security company sales letter

Further to the meeting we had on 23rd September 2011 at the Great Western Hotel during the exhibition of security software solutions, please find enclosed a write-up on our products and solutions in the IT and data security space. We are a pioneer in the space of IT products in the data and software security arena and have been in this business for more than 15 years now.

Our range of products include security solutions which can be bought off-the-shelf or customized bottom-up to suit the individual and specific needs of the departments within an organization and also for the organization as a whole. In the enclosed write-up, the preface talks about our journey from a startup that we were almost 10-12 years ago and how we were able to scale up and add capabilities in the e-security area over the years and were able to build up a recognized niche brand in this space.

The sections after the preface cover the e-security solutions which cater to specific industries and the last section talks about the option of building a unique solution from scratch by working with our customer and their individual requirements.

Please give us an appointment so that we can meet and discuss the details further.

Thanking you

Sarah Dean

Sales Head, ERD Data Security

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