Security Sales Letter


Mark Knox

Hercules Auto Parts

B-12, Fifth floor

Southport, Merseyside

4th August 2011

Dear Mr. Knox

Subject: security sales letter

This is in reference to our earlier discussion dated 23rd March 2011 wherein we proposed a step-by-step approach for installation of data security software across the manufacturing, Quality Control, administration and marketing departments of your company.

The data security software suite available with our company works for both large and medium-sized businesses and can be installed in both incremental and big-bang manner across the business. Its security features are truly world-class and it has been certified by the SAS association to be amongst the best security solutions available in the software industry.

We have used the best technology available in the software security arena and we assure you that this security solution provides the best-in-class security features available to-date with the ease of use which is unparalleled in the industry.

The security software installation also involves training the staff on the unique GUI features and this would also involve a bit of change management as there will be a need to re-formulate some of the existing processes to suit to the new requirement as laid down by the software security rules.

Please let me know a suitable time when we can meet and discuss further.

Thanking you

Sarah Knob

Sales Head, TSG e-Security

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