Travel Agent Sales Letter


Anthony Hewitt

B-2, second floor

Harrogate, North Yorkshire

3rd December 2011

Dear Mr. Hewitt

Subject: travel agent sales letter

We appreciate that you have been using the services of Royal tours and travels on the regular basis. You have been one of the most loyal clients of our organization. The pleasure was always all ours in assisting you in all your travel related needs. This year we have come up with some very new tour packages all across the world. Various packages have been designed keeping in mind the client’s needs and desires from all demographic segments. These packages are quite economical and one can choose the package as per their budget.

You can also refer some of your friends, colleagues and family members to try our latest packages. We would like to give you some profit sharing for the same. You can also avail a referral card which can be redeemed in the packages chosen as per your specific holiday choices. Please find enclosed our brochure along with this letter which will have all the details about these packages. Awaiting your response on the proposal; please contact us in case you have any other query. Also find enclosed the referral form along with this letter.

Thanking you

Alan Henry

CEO, JYT Tours and travels

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